Thursday, February 9, 2012

Build Your Own App

Go to
Create an account
Then Click "Mobile"
Then Click "Make an App"

To add your custom content:
-Open a word document
-Write out your paragraph
-Paste your paragraph into box

Go back to widgetbox-Custom Content Page
-Paste html text into box

Bit More Advanced Items
This next part, you do not have to do. It is using HTML commands to clean up your text. Feel free to skip it and come back to it if you choose. (Skip Down to "Twitter")

HTML Commands
There are only 3 html commands you will have to use if you want to clean up your text.

HTML Commands

Center: <center> </center>

Line Break code: <br />

Bold:<b> </b>

Click to watch short video to see how to use these codes to clean up your text:
(click bottom right hand corner of box to view in full screen)

Insert photo command:
<br />
<center> <img src="PUT URL OF PHOTO HERE " alt="Opps, there is a problem loading" title="Tooltip"/></center>
<br />

-Choose a photo that is online (your website, your blog, etc)
-Right click on it and click “Copy image URL”
-Then replace "PUT URL OF PHOTO HERE" with the url of the photo you just copied.

(Keep the “  “ in the code)
-Then paste into your custom content page of your app.

Example of the code I used to insert a photo in my app:
<br /> <center> <img src=" " alt="Opps, there is a problem loading" title="Tooltip"/></center> <br /> 

If you want to add your Twitter feed to your App then:

If you want to add a feed from your YouTube Channel then:

If you want to add a feed from an online photo site then:
(Here is an example of adding a Flickr feed, but you can add any of the options shown such as from your Blog, Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug, Tumblr and Twitpic) 

You can add a poll to your app, if you want to create interaction:

You may want to have your blog feed on your app. This will require you to insert the url for your blog rss feed. I am including the feed for the two most popular blogging platforms, Wordpress and Blogger. If you are using another blog platform, then you may have to contact them to find out the url for the rss feed. 

RSS Feed url for WORDPRESS
RSS Feed url for BLOGGER

Replace "" with the address of your blog. A Blogger example may look like this:  


Install Information
Installation of this program can be finicky. To make it as simple as possible, make the following changes.  (Keep in mind it can't be installed on iPads yet) 

Page Order
Click and drag icons to the order you want. "Custom Content" should be first. You can click on it and rename it if you choose. 
"Install" should be last. 

Copyright 2011 Jessica Stoner

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