Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Future of Real Estate Is...On Your Phone.

As many know, technology moves so fast nowadays, that sometimes whole sections of technological development is passed over. For example, in some developing countries, the large majority of people have never made a phone call. Landlines were never installed in the country. Now with cell phone towers being established globally, most of these countries simply jump straight into cell phone systems, passing over land lines all together.

This is happening in another aspect of technology as well. The cell phones are no longer simply a verbal communication device. The cell phone now allows access to the internet. One can take, download and upload pictures, videos, documents, do online banking, update their Facebook page, take an online educational course or simply surf the web.

In developing countries, the cost of a computer could be higher than a family’s annual wages. But a cell phone might be a feasible expense. Because of this, the cell phone is effectively replacing the computer for much of the world.

A hilarious example of this, is a story I read the other day about a Chinese Farmer who built a home-made helicopter, out of wood, following instructions he found while surfing the internet on his cell phone! Seriously, what can’t you do on a cell phone?!

The sheer number of people on the planet that can’t afford a computer but can afford a cell phone is staggering, and the cell phone companies are well aware of this potential market. Phones are continually being developed and redeveloped with “Computer Replacement” in mind.

This helps much of the world in positive ways we can’t foresee yet, however, it also changes the way we do business in the developed world. We can afford computers, and don’t require our phone to replace them. Yet, slowly, they are. It is extremely convenient to receive a contract on our cell phone, review it, and forward it on to where it needs to go. No need to drive to the office, no need to get out the laptop and boot it up. Our cell phones make business more efficient.

As the development of cell phones as computer replacement continues, we are seeing more and more advanced features on our phones. For example, the other day, I tested a signature program for the iphone that allow one to digitally and legally sign documents on the iphone and send it on. (iPhone App “Sign Here” by LexAlign Applications Inc) This is currently limited to a handful of specific contracts that can be filled in on this program, and other contracts cannot be imported into the program. Yet.

We are just at the beginning stages of the cell phone age. Daily we see advances in this direction of technology.

Soon, through our phones, will draft all of our clients real estate contracts using laser light projected keyboards, (Example: ) forward them to our clients for legally binding signature, signed right on their phone screen. It won’t be long before our phones have more capabilities and convenient features than our computers, and we will be using our phones for all aspects of our day to day operations.

For those with iPhones, Blackberries and Palms, you are familiar with this trend already. I use my iPhone daily to post Tweets, check and send emails, access my clients contracts stored on a secure online vault, text my agents, check the weather, and of course, call my Mom. Often with the computer right in front of me or just a few feet away.

I do these things on my phone already, in my daily operations. How long do you think it will before all real estate will take place on our phones? And then will 1000’s of sq ft of office space seem necessary?

The future of real estate is on your phone. And away from your office.

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